ByteEK provides expertise and knowledge to quickly identify process improvements and develop relationships with the business units to make the necessary process and methodology changes to effectively operate in the new environment. The general services offered are described below:
o Establish and deploy a common set of project management processes and templates, which will save each project manager or organization from having to create them on their own. This will provide reusable project management components to help projects start-up more quickly and with much less effort.
o Build and enhance the methodology and update it, as needed, to account for improvements and best practices. This provides a mechanism for identifying new or revised processes and templates as they become available, and supporting the PMO in deploying them consistently to the organization.
o Facilitate improved project team communication by defining and implementing common processes, deliverables, and terminology. There is less misunderstanding and confusion within the organization if everyone uses the same templates and processes for project related work.
o Set up and support a common repository so that prior project management deliverables can be candidates for reuse by similar projects, further reducing project start-up time. Integrate electronic document management using Sharepoint Services.
o Develop reports and dashboards to track organization-wide metrics on the state of project management, project delivery and the value being provided to the business by the project management organization. Information is collected on the current status of all projects in the organization and provides project visibility to management in a common and consistent manner.
o Provide training to build core project management competencies and a common set of experiences.
o Deliver project management coaching services to keep projects from getting into trouble and support projects at risk to ensure that they do not get any worse.
o Act as the overall advocate for project management and take on the role of corporate Change Agent within the organization. This includes educating and selling management and team members on the value gained through the use of consistent project management processes.
o Develop a formal and systematic method of identifying, categorizing and measuring projects, using a workflow management process with defined business rules.
o Integrate Project Portfolio Server with Proejct Server and Sharepoint Services to support enhanced communication and collaboration.
o Develop the processes and workflow around each of the formal project templates to support project initiation, evaluation, approval, and the remaining steps from Planning to implementation.
o Define the data elements that must be entered into the system to provide acceptable metrics and reporting to management and the business units.
o Develop management processes to consolidate, evaluate and justify projects for approval. This includes providing associated links to related projects, and providing the necessary budgeting information to create acceptable business case ROI analysis.
o Integrate formal Risk Management processes into the EPM methodology.
o Work with IT to ensure that the technical SDLC is aligned with the PM processes and methodology to meet assigned dates and deliverables, and mitigate risk.